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The Creation of the Patriot Club Website on NationBuilder

Building the Future: The Creation and Vision Behind the Patriot Club Website on NationBuilder

Good morning! It’s been a difficult week in the frontline of politics. following the Gaza debate in the House of Commons, but moments like this demonstrate the power of movements. In this case, we have seen a significant movement’s influence has the power to change how British democratic discourse is conducted by swaying the opinion of a single decision maker, in this case, the Speaker of the House of Commons. Movements have never been more powerful, whether we agree with them or not.

In the current political landscape, where movements wield considerable influence, it’s exciting to see new initiatives taking root. One such nascent endeavour is the Patriot Club, a fresh offshoot of the Conservative Post. While still in its embryonic stages, this ‘reader club’ promises to be more than just another member benefit scheme. Unlike traditional clubs offering material perks, the Patriot Club aims to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the future of British politics. Its emergence is a testament to the evolving ways in which political engagement and discourse are being reimagined in the digital age, reflecting a broader trend of innovation within political movements.

The Conservative Post (or CP as it is becoming known) is a growing brand on the right of British politics and within the Conservative Party. It was initially intended to ‘pump positivity back into Britain’ during the premiership of Boris Johnson, often highlighting good news rather than focusing on the usual doom and gloom we see from mainstream outlets. Over time, the brand has grown and finds itself taking on more ‘internal’ stories around the Conservative Party and is becoming an emerging rival to the dominance of ConservativeHome. A key turning point was ConservativeHome’s abandonment of its core founding principles around members having the right to elect the party leader, with its position now being more nuanced.

The Patriot Club needed to be something simple, so it’s essentially just two pages (three if you count the privacy policy). A simple call to action is on the home page, with a data collector and a donate page that uses Stripe to process payments.

The magic is in the back end. The club asks people to identify which party they are a member of, and auto-tagging in the background handles which mailing lists to add them to. Gone are the days of interns or volunteers having to manually assign people to lists or keep ever-growing spreadsheets; instead, the NationBuilder system takes care of all this.

Thanks to NationBuilder, the Patriot Club is hitting the mark with its email game. It’s like having an innovative, all-in-one toolbox that gets our messages right to the people who want to see them without any fuss over importing lists or dealing with clunky spreadsheets. Think of it as a secret weapon for rallying folks around the causes we care about.

Plus, we get to peek behind the curtain to see who’s really getting into our emails and clicking through, which is pretty neat. Another client has found this to be a game-changer, especially when trying to figure out who’s super keen to jump into advertised campaign activities. It’s like having a direct line to their most enthusiastic supporters, making it easier to bring them closer into the fold.

Within its first week, Patriot Club has already amassed nearly 100 supporters and is growing steadily. We support the client with marketing materials for their Conservative Post website and will provide additional social media activity to help rally further support. Over time, we are confident the Patriot Club will be able to reach its goal of having more than 10,000 supporters. The platform will also host petitions and surveys to help increase growth.

The cost for NationBuilder is a factor to consider, and with 10,000 supporters, a client would expect to pay £500 per month for the platform. However, this includes a built-in email blast feature, often taken separately from Brevo or Mailchimp. Incidentally, we recently carried out some work for an MP client of ours and found they were overpaying by £70 per month for their current email blast provider.

One of the best features of NationBuilder, however, is ‘auto districting’, where it will automatically assign supporters to their correct UK Parliamentary constituency and even their correct local council ward. This makes future targeting, segmenting and mobilising ever more effective right down to the hyper-local level. These ‘VoteSource style’ features are included in the price.

As the Conservative Party heads towards its toughest General Election in a generation, some doubt the possibility of a fifth term. If victory is not secured, a building back effort must begin almost immediately, and relying on our 15-year-old static websites will not cut it.

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