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Warning: More of your campaign emails will start going to spam from February

Google and Yahoo are making changes that will result in more messages being delivered to spam. Here's what you need to do.

If you are an elected representative, candidate, or party political association that sends emails you’re going to need to know about changes that are coming from February 2024.

Two big providers, Google and Yahoo, are forcing more emails to be sent to spam folders if they don’t have these things:

  • DKIM email authentication
  • DMARC record
  • Spam score lower than 0.1%

If your usual practice is to rely on the ‘BCC’ field in emails I guarantee you the spam score for your domain will be more than 0.1%

What is all this techno-babble?

Email administrators know this stuff, but elected representatives and candidates by-and-large have other things to worry about.

This isn’t a sales pitch. You can talk to us and we can help, but you can also talk to your outbound email provider(s) or your friendly local support company.

Why does it matter?

More of the emails you need to send to win your election will land in people’s spam folders rather than their inboxes.


No, don’t panic. Other email providers will follow suit, but for now it’s just Google and Yahoo. Take the next few weeks to ask your technical people to sort this out – the changes needed don’t take long. Do not get over-charged for services related to these changes either.

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