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Photo of a chess piece wearing a crown to help convey the benefits of a political digital marketing agency sourced from https://www.pexels.com/photo/battle-black-blur-board-game-260024/

At Bluetorch Consulting, we’re a UK-based political digital marketing agency that prides ourself on our bespoke approach.

Our comprehensive suite of services covers cheap leaflet design, website and web-based app development, election/campaign agent services, and campaign/volunteer infrastructure development to help you deliver electoral victory, or success for your cause.

Our scope extends further to volunteer recruitment/engagement strategies, fundraising, and personal coaching.

We can meet all your political, advocacy and community-building needs. We even have an online political templates shop for campaigners in a hurry.

Join us at Bluetorch Consulting, a UK-based political digital marketing agency where we ignite the power of political potential.

(We also serve media, legal and small business markets too).

About us

Based in Worcestershire, and operating as a digital-first agency, we can serve the whole United Kingdom and beyond.

What is a political digital marketing agency?

We offer all the services you’ve come to expect from a digital agency, but we primarily focus on the ‘political’ niche, which covers more than running for elected office. We include campaigns for change from a wide spectrum. It can include internal leadership elections, referendums, petitions, and local campaigns on a single issue.

Who runs this political digital marketing agency?

We were founded by our Director, Mike Rouse, who has served as a Councillor on two local authorities and has led campaigns for multiple general elections, local elections, internal leadership contests, and issue-based campaigns.

We work remotely, which means you get more done in a shorter space of time, and we’re flexible and adaptive to your needs. Need printing? No problem, we’ve got the contacts in our network to help you out with this and much more.

Our strength is in our bespoke approach. We take the time to get to know you and your goals, and deliver products to help you achieve victory.

Email us today for a chat: hello@bluetorch.co.uk